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As a search engine for shopify stores, provides advertising space for shopify store owners to advertise on our search results pages.

Keep in mind, this ad space is very limited!

1 keyword is only for 2 advertisers!

The ad space that we provide refers to the keywords of your choice. As an example; Your shopify shop sells "shoes" products. And you choose the keyword - "shoes" - as your target keyword. So every time users search for the keyword "shoes", your shopify store ad will be displayed at the top, on the first page of search results.

So make sure, you have determined your main keywords, according to the product you want to market through the search results page on

Advertising is valid for 1 month. But you still have the opportunity to advertise for keywords of your choice, for 1 year. While it's still available.
advertise on a shopify stores search engine
Your ads will be shown as seen above.

Submit your Shopify store

Once again, make sure you have determined what keywords of your choice according to the products that you market through your shopify store. Example;
1. Ad Title: "Nike Shoes" (max. 160 characters)
2. Store URL: (max. 2,000 characters)
3. Description: Nike Air is of high quality at an affordable price only at (max. 200 characters)
4. When It Begins: Date and time, when your ad was started.

Advertising costs

We provide a very good advertising fee to you shopify shop owners who want to advertise on - shopify shop search engine.
  1. Every 1 keyword costs only $37 per month.
  2. A discount of $74 will be given to you if you advertise for 1 year, for 1 keyword that you are targeting (total only $370 per year).
  3. For installing 2 keywords for 1 year, the cost is only $650.
  4. For advertising above 10 keywords for 1 year, the cost is only $3,500.
  5. Two (2) spot banner ad (729 x 100) at the bottom of every page for 1 full year @$15,000.
  6. One (only 1) spot banner ad (729 x 40) at the top of every page for 1 full year @$25,000.

Advertising opportunities are very limited, as long as they are available.

Book Your Ad Space Now

To place an order, you should check first, to make sure these keywords still don't have ads on the search results page.
  1. Choose your keywords.
  2. Search for these keywords at
  3. Look at the search results page, whether there are ads or not.
  4. If there isn't, then you can immediately order the space for your ad, according to the keywords you are targeting.
  5. Place an order using the order button option below.

We will immediately post your ad, according to your chosen keywords and time periods.

Targeted Keyword Text Ads for 1 month.

Targeted Keyword Text Ads for 3 month.

Targeted Keyword Text Ads for 3 month.

Targeted Keyword Text Ads for 12 month.

Banner Ads at the Bottom for 1 full year.

Banner Ads at the Top for 1 full year.

If you have any question about "custom" ad spot, do not hesitate to contact us.